Information Wintergo 2013

For the ninth year in a row we will be organising the Wintergo camp to celebrate the last days of 2013 and welcome 2014. This event will take place at "Het Buitencentum" in Overasselt, close to Nijmegen. Everyone who wants to spent the last days of 2013 playing a Go tournament, visit workshops and likes to play a variety of other games or simply likes to make long walks or sit by the fireplace is most welcome. It is of course also possible to come only for a few days or even a single day!

"Het Buitencentrum" is a former scouting building, which nowadays functions as simple congress center. It is situated on the edge of the "Overasseltse en Hatertse vennen" (a nature park known for its peats).

Het buitencentrum
St. Walrickweg 9
tel.: +31 (0)24 - 6221829 (Het Buitencentrum)
tel: +31 (0)6 41500827 (Douwe, organisation)
tel: +31 (0)6 15082570 (Wim-Jan, tournament-organisation)

From the train station in Nijmegen there is a direct bus to "Het Buitencentrum" every half hour, which stops right in front of the entrance to the terrain. This is bus number 9 in the direction “Grave”. The bus stop is just across the street from the playing venue.


27 december
12.30 Start of registration
14.00 End Registration
14.15 Tournament Round 1
28 december
10.00 Tournament Round 2
14.00 Game-Reviews, Rob van Zeijst 7D
14.00 Lecture Qubit (Quantum Computer), Bas Vet
15.00 Workshop Tablut (Ancient Scandinavian Boardgame), Pepijn Visscher
16.00 Intensive Go Training, Michiel Tel 5D
+/- 21:00 Music Quiz, Karen Pleit & Bram Koster
29 december
10.00 Tournament Round 3
13.30 Workshop Parengo-toernooi
14.00 Aanvang Parengo toernooi
14.00 Workshop, Rob van Zeijst 7D
16:00 Intensive Go Training, Michiel Tel 5D
30 december
10.00 Tournament Round 4
14.00 Workshop Rob van Zeist, 7D
14.00 Children-go workshop, Tamara Havik
16:00 Intensive Go Training, Michiel Tel
31 december
10.00 Tournament Round 5
13.00 Prize giving and departure

As previous years there is the possibility for "Oudejaarsdiner " and New Year Celebration, therefore it is also possible to depart on the first day of 2014.
This year, there is a big Wintergala on New Years' Eve. Dresscode: No dresscode, be inventive..

Important Stuff
In the dormitories is the use of cover sheets and pillow case is mandatory, you have to bring this with you even when you use a sleeping bag. Also you must bring your own towels.
Please bring a many games as you want! And especially this year, a nice white garment for the Wintergala.
If you have any special wishes regarding meals, please inform the organizers in advance.